SEEN Gallery

38 East Ave, Pawtucket, RI, 02860

Gallery hours: Fri & Sat: 6-9PM, Sun: 1-6PM, and by appointment

A new addition to downtown Pawtucket!

Seen Gallery, located on East Ave. just steps from the Visitor Center, is exhibiting the work of established and emerging artists in a beautiful and generous exhibition space.    On exhibit until June 14th are powerful canvases in oil and charcoal by Tyler Vouros who exhibits internationally. Tyler Vouros

Domingo Monteiro, owner, is committed to downtown revitalization.  From Seen website:

As an Emmy nominated producer, Domingo Monteiro has been in television production for well over a decade.  Having been empowered by the digital revolution and love of the arts, domingo founded SEEN Gallery in 2014 with a vision to create a space where artists from a diverse set of backgrounds could have a platform to show their work.  As a Providence native, domingo has had a strong connection to the Pawtucket community for most of his life and recognizes the potential of this culturally rich place.  He has take an active role in the economic and cultural revival of Pawtucket by closely involved in the business improvement of the area as well as participating in the Pawtucket Arts Council.





The annual cast of new falcons who make their home on the City Hall tower have grown into quite handsome birds. Steven Cohen photographed this one on his deck this morning.




There are several exciting initiatives currently taking place in Pawtucket that are enhancing the city through the arts.

For instance, the city has just received a National Endowment for the Arts grant of $75,000 for public art that will be matched by the city.  The project will consist of an art installation on an I-95 overpass with the goal of providing for an interesting pedestrian experience as the overpass unites the communities on either side. These are communities that were severed when I-95 was constructed.  The announcement was made by the new Director of the NEA, Jane Chu, during a visit to Pawtucket.  Attendees at the news conference included Senators Reed and Whitehouse, Representative Cicilline, and Mayor Grebien.


Another initiative is the installation of  banners identifying our neighborhood as the Armory Arts District.  This is a project that is being funded by a grant from the city and is being administered by the Armory Arts District Group and the Pawtucket Foundation.  You will soon see these banners on the streets!

Final Tollman

The same grant from the city is also funding a couple of streetscape beautification projects in our neighborhood.  One area is at the Exit 29 South ramp and the other is the creation of a parklet along Broadway by the parking lot. The parklet is designed to eventually be a site for public art. (The sculpture in the photo is not part of the grant.)


Pawtucket has a number of public artworks, and through the efforts of Todd Stong of the Pawtucket Foundation, Joan Hausrath, and the Mayor’s Commission for Arts and Culture, an on-line map has been created locating the works.  The initiative also includes research into the history, funding, and profiles of the artists.  Check it out – Click here.

Still another project initiated by the Mayor’s Commission for Arts and Culture is the painting of utility boxes around the city by various artists.

And even more projects are being conceptualized and funding being pursued.  So, stay tuned!

This is the second year that Riverfront Lofts has participated in XOS: Exchange Street Open Studios where artists and designers in our neighborhood open their studios and lofts to visitors as part of the Pawtucket Arts Festival.  This year the event will take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 7 and 8 from 10am to 4pm and more than 60 artists will be located in our lofts and at 59-65 Blackstone Avenue, the brick building behind Tolman High School.

Several residents of Riverfront Lofts formed a non-profit organization this past year, XOS Plus, that serves as the organizing team for XOS.  They were successful this year in applying for and receiving grant support to help fund lots of advertizing for the event.  And there are a number of residents who have served as committee chairs for the event, others who are hosting guest artists, and still more who are volunteering to serve as greeters and parking managers that weekend.  Not only is this a great event for artists and art lovers, it also introduces the public to what Pawtucket has to offer as an arts community and loft living.  The residents of Riverfront Lofts are making a difference in our community!

Here are some of the artists in Riverfront lofts.



Here is some of the fabulous art that will be on display and for sale.



There will be signage all over the neighborhood directing visitors to the studio locations.  XOS is very grateful to Delin Design for donating their design services for these signs as well as the ad layouts that are appearing in area publications.



For more information and a complete listing of the 2013 participating artists, visit:

In 2004 Seth and his wife, Pamela, purchased their unit from the developer as raw space and built out their beautiful and unique loft/studio themselves. Seth currently serves on the Riverfront Executive Board and is a very valuable, on-going member of the Property Committee. The bench in our lobby was created by Seth, who has been a member of the Industrial Design Department at RISD since 1980.


Seth instructing his students at RISD.

Earlier in his career, Seth designed and crafted one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture that were sold in galleries and exhibited in many museums. His work is in the permanent collections of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Fuller Craft Museum.  Today he designs furniture for production. He holds several patents on his designs, and in 2003 was a finalist for the American Society of Furniture Designers Pinnacle Award in the Occasional Furniture category for one of his patented products. He is the author of Designing Furniture, a book that describes and analyzes visual design elements and design methodology, published by the Taunton Press, Newtown, CT in 1989.


Seth is currently designing wood, bamboo lumber, and compressed fiber furniture that is being manufactured in various Asian countries for his clients.  He currently has chairs on display as part of the RISD Faculty Exhibit at the RISD Museum.


Seth has traveled extensively all over the world collecting hand crafted utilitarian baskets.  He has a passion for fishing and collecting vintage toasters.

For the second year, Silvia Acosta (Unit 404 and a member of the RFLCA Property Committee) has worked with her architecture students at RISD in creating an outdoor landscape/structure project at the Chinese Church, just a couple of blocks down Roosevelt Ave. from Riverfront Lofts.  This year the students worked on building out an existing partial foundation with a screened enclosure planted with vines.  They also planted additional trees, shrubs, and plants on the site as well as constructing and launching a floating platform on the Blackstone River.  Silvia intends to return next spring to work on Phase Three.  To see Phase One, go to:

Phase two included constructing seating and planting trees and shrubs.

Ivy will grow up the wall in the back while grapes will form an arbor.

The Pavilion was built last year during Phase One.

Seating areas were constructed along the river’s edge.

Students are launching the floating platform.

Below is Silvia with one of her talented, hardworking students.  Congratulations on a fabulous Pawtucket improvement project!

Pawtucket has a number of murals on walls throughout the city.  Some were created with the support of the City, the Pawtucket Foundation, and the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative while others were painted with the support of local businesses.

Check them out on the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative website and then look for them as you travel through the city.  Click here. 



On September 18th the RFL Landscaping Committee joined with the RFL Social Committee for a bulb planting and cookout event to which a number of residents attended.  450 daffodil bulbs were added to the landscaping at the Exchange Court entrance where hundreds of bulbs were planted last year. More crocuses were added as well.  The greatest challenge to the planting party was the area where construction has been taking place and where the soil was hard as a rock!  After all the hard work, the group was joined by other residents on the third level of the garage to enjoy a cookout. There they enjoyed a potluck of great food, conversation, and an elevated view of surrounding buildings illuminated by the warm glow of twilight.  It looks like this might become an annual event!

Look forward to a spectacular display in the spring!

Susan Dowling Griffiths, Unit 501, started her career as a modern dancer and organizer of the Boston area Dance Umbrella, a collaboration of modern dance companies and venues.  She then produced a number of programs for WGBH (Boston PBS TV) of dance performances expressly for video.  (One of this programs was filmed at Green Airport where the dancers performed throughout the terminal, runway, and even on the wing of a plane!)  Throughout her life, Susan has been deeply interested in modern and contemporary art.  This interest led to co-producing a recent, and on-going, PBS series, Art 21, which profiles contemporary artists from around the world.  Susan has rubbed elbows with such luminaries as Louise Bourgeois, Jeff Koons, Richard Serra, and the like!

Susan in Guanajuato, Mexico

Susan graduated from Sarah Lawrence having made life-long friends.  One of these friends, the actress, Jane Alexander, invited Susan and another Sarah Lawrence friend to Romania where Jane was acting in a film for TV.  The film, William and Catherine, a Royal Romance, is the story of the early romance of the couple and William’s relationship with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.  Jane Alexander plays the part of Queen Elizabeth.  Because Susan was on the set the day the crew needed extras, Susan landed a part as a friend of the Queen.  The scene is at a birthday party for William – the party has an African theme which explains the costumes.

The film will be aired on the Hallmark Channel on August 27th at 9:00pm.

On the set of "William and Catherine, a Royal Romance"

L to R: Jane Alexander, Susan Dowling Griffiths, and Jane Milliken - close friends since college days.

Andy Griffiths, Unit 501, was honored last Friday for his administrative leadership at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, ME. COA has a unique mission within the realm of higher education: College of the Atlantic enriches the liberal arts tradition through a distinctive educational philosophy — human ecology. A human ecological perspective integrates knowledge from all academic disciplines and from personal experience to investigate — and ultimately improve — the relationships between human beings and our social and natural communities.

Last week’s celebration in Andy’s honor was at the conclusion of his service as an interim president of the college.  He will return to his post as Administrative Dean, a position that he has held for the last seven years.  Prior to joining COA, Andy served Chief Financial Officer at WGBH in Boston for twenty five years.

Here are excerpts from a COA Press Release.


Called ‘one of most important COA presidents’

College of the Atlantic honored its sixth president, Andy Griffiths, in a series of celebrations this month. Griffiths, COA’s administrative dean, led the college for over half a year between the retirement of David Hales and the arrival of COA’s seventh president, alumnus Darron Collins, who began July 15.

At COA, the college community gathered to thank Griffiths for his leadership during this transitional time. Dean of Development Lynn Boulger noted that a member of the board of trustees called Griffiths one of the most important presidents in COA’s history. “The interim period between one president, and not having a formal president could have been tumultuous,” she said. Instead, Boulger noted, the college has raised more money under Griffiths’ leadership than it has in any other six-month period during her time at COA. “It’s a huge vote of support,” she added.

One of those supporters was trustee Jay McNally, a 1984 graduate. “I think retrospectively we’ll look at this time as one of the high points of the college,” he said. At a separate celebration, Bill Foulke, who chairs the trustee board, mentioned Griffiths’ judgment, curiosity, intelligence, and capacity for analysis. “He uses graciousness as a great strength,” said Foulke, adding that Griffiths illustrates the maxim, “There is no limit to the amount you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

“Andy is so much more to this college than interim president. He is a friend, a mentor, and an educator,” added third-year student Cayla Moore at the community gathering. She recalled that in the discussions prior to choosing a new president the importance of an open door was stressed. “Andy has much more than an open door – he has an open mind.”

Moore also mentioned a conversation she had recently with Griffiths. Leading COA, he said to her, “‘isn’t running a business, or running an institution. It’s running a family.'” Added Moore, “I think that’s how we feel about him, as a family member.” Acknowledgements were also given to Griffiths’ wife, Susan Dowling.

Griffiths, who will remain at the college in his role as administrative dean, closed the short ceremony by recalling how he came to COA seven years ago after serving as CFO of WGBH in Boston for nearly twenty-five years. Having completed a complicated real estate transaction at the public broadcasting company, Griffiths felt that it was time to move on, though he wasn’t quite ready to retire. He told a friend who runs an executive search firm. “If you run across a nonprofit where I might be useful, where I would learn something, that would be idealistic-” As smiles of recognition crossed the hallway, Griffiths continued, “Like everybody here, I feel that I can contribute something, and I’m still learning a great deal.”

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